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Barn Owl facts and fun for kids

Do you love Barn Owls? We do too!

Here you can find out some fascinating Barn Owl facts. There are Owl jokes, Owl puzzles and Owl colouring pages, as well as plenty of ideas for clever but easy Owl crafts.

If you’re a teacher or parent, check out our Barn Owl Trust educational resources for lots of free Barn Owl lesson planning ideas and teaching worksheets suitable for use in primary schools.

Find out all about Barn Owls!

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Essential Barn Owl fact-file: 10 amazing Barn Owl facts!

Did you know? …..

  1. Barn Owls eat mostly voles, shrews, mice and sometimes rats.
  2. Food is often swallowed whole – bits of fur and bone are then regurgitated (cast through the beak) as an owl pellet.
  3. Barn Owls screech – they never hoot (that’s Tawny Owls).
  4. The scientific Latin name for Barn Owl is Tyto alba alba.
  5. Barn Owls have very long legs, toes and talons to help them to catch prey hidden under long grass.
  6. Barn Owls usually hunt at night – even in total darkness they can find the smallest vole using their super-sensitive hearing.
  7. Barn Owls’ large eyes are very sensitive too – they can quickly spot a mouse moving in a very gloomy barn.
  8. Barn Owl feathers are super soft – this helps them to hunt silently, but they are not very waterproof and get soaked if it rains.
  9. Barn Owls have lop-sided ears! One is higher than the other, which helps them to pinpoint exactly where tiny sounds are coming from.
  10. A wild Barn Owl usually eats about 4 small mammals every night, that’s 1,460 per year!

Are you a Barn Owl egg head?!  Test your knowledge of Barn Owl facts

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School talks

We offer educational talks to schools and youth groups. Our staff travel to sites in Southwest England to give talks and bring Baley, our captive-bred Barn Owl! We can also give the talks online and show beautiful footage of wild Barn Owls.