Where’s the best place for your Barn Owl nestbox?

Best option – Barn Owl nestbox inside a building

Barn Owl nestbox Best Place Indoor If there’s a large building that a Barn Owl can enter at 3+ metres above the ground then this is almost certainly the best place to put a new Barn Owl nestbox. An owl box in a building:

  • Is easier to erect.
  • Costs less, or is quicker and cheaper to make.
  • Lasts much longer.
  • Affords extra shelter (that’ll be great for the owls).

If you have a building with no high-up entrance hole, can a small owl-hole be made? Mounting an owl box on the outside of a building has many disadvantages and is not recommended unless there is no alternative. Buildings that are in human or agricultural use can be very suitable; Barn Owls can get used to almost any kind of activity as long as they can stay out of sight.

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2nd best option – Barn Owl nestbox in a tree

Best Place for Tree Barn Owl nestboxTree nestboxes are an option if no building is available, but the drawbacks are:

  • More expensive to obtain or make than indoor boxes.
  • More difficult to erect than indoor boxes.
  • Don’t last as long due to partial exposure to the elements.
  • Don’t provide as much shelter.

Also there’s a greater chance of occupation by some other species. However, provided that you have a suitable tree in a suitable position, they are a much more practical option than a polebox.
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3rd best option – Barn Owl nestbox on a pole

Best Place Pole Barn Owl nestboxPole nestboxes for Barn Owls are the least preferred option because they are:

  • The most expensive by far.
  • The hardest to erect.
  • Not going to last long, compared with a nestbox in a building.
  • Completely exposed to the weather.

The only major advantage of an outdoor polebox is that it can be provided almost anywhere. You are not dependent on there being a suitable building or tree on-site. The pole needs to be very substantial and generally has to be erected by machine – the costs are considerable.
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