Barn Owl talks for schools and young people

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Wings Of Change School Talk Mateo Classroom [Exeter Cathedral School] 180919 (B)

New to Autumn 2023 – ‘Flying into the Future’ Talk

This year, the Barn Owl Trust has developed a new, specifically designed talk for schools and community youth groups called Flying into the Future. This session engages audiences through the medium of storytelling, helping young people learn about Barn Owl habitat and conservation, and introduces the topic of extreme weather and climate change

*In-person visits are offered in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset only.

What does the talk involve?

Wings Of Change School Talk Mateo & Baley [Exeter Cathedral School] 180919 (B)

The story begins in the present day and continues forward 25 years in time, following the story of the Barn Owls living on two different farms near the Exe Estuary in Devon. Using visual aids, it covers Barn Owl ecology and considers how extreme weather events might affect Barns Owls in the future and how the families on the farms respond to the challenges extreme weather brings.

After the talk, the session culminates with an appearance by Baley, our volunteer education Barn Owl! He will be free to fly around the room and perch wherever he chooses, giving the children a chance to see a real owl up close and ask as many questions as they like! Baley is never tethered and does not fly for food, he really is a volunteer!School Baley College

The story can be used as a catalyst to give children the opportunity to consider what actions they and others might take to help slow climate change.

Please be aware that there are certain room requirements for the appearance of Baley. These will be discussed at the time of booking.

Sessions last for around 60 minutes and can be adapted to suit a wide range of ages from KS1-KS3. Please contact us for more information.

Cost and How to Book


Barn Owl pellet analysisSchool Pellet Analysis

Barn Owl pellet analysis offers a fascinating insight into the feeding habits of the Barn Owl. It’s an amazing activity for children to engage with, as part of a food chains topic. When booking a visit please let us know if you would like any wild Barn Owl pellets and we will do our best to meet your requirements. Alternatively you can buy pellet dissection packs from our online shop (subject to availability).


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