Barn Owl talks for schools and young people

*All talks can currently be delivered online, please email for more information and to book*

Let the Barn Owl Trust come to you*!

Wings Of Change School Talk Mateo Classroom [Exeter Cathedral School] 180919 (B)We offer a specially-designed session for primary school, KS3 level and community youth groups called the Wings of Change. The session uses storytelling to engage the children and covers Barn Owl habitat, adaptations, decline and conservation.

*In-person visits are offered in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset only.

What does the session involve?

The story tells the history of one farm from the end of World War II through to the present day. Using visual aids, as the story unfolds the farm landscape changes and the impacts on the resident Barn Owls are revealed.

The session culminates with an appearance by Baley, our volunteer Wings Of Change School Talk Mateo & Baley [Exeter Cathedral School] 180919 (B)education Barn Owl! He will be free to fly around the room and perch wherever he chooses giving the children a chance to see a real owl up close and ask as many questions as they like! Baley is never tethered and does not fly for food, he really is a volunteer! Please be aware that there are certain room requirements for the appearance of Baley. These will be discussed at the time of booking.

The session lasts for around 60 minutes. Its cross-curricular approach means it can easily fit into a range of topics, including nocturnal animals, habitats, adaptations and food chains, and can be adapted to fit almost any age group.

The story is extremely engaging and over 25 years’ experience shows that even Early Year’s children have no difficulty in giving it their full attention.

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Looking for a presentation for older children?

We can easily adapt the Wings of Change story for KS3 pupils to fit around the topic of eco-system relationships. The story is ideally suited to a case study approach with a closer look at the interdependence of Barn Owls and their habitat and how changes to that habitat have caused their decline. We are happy to provide bespoke talks to fit in with the topic being studied by the class.

Barn Owl pellet analysis

Barn Owl pellet analysis offers a fascinating insight into the feeding habits of the Barn Owl. It’s an amazing activity for children to engage with, as part of a food chains topic. When booking a visit please let us know if you would like any wild Barn Owl pellets and we will do our best to meet your requirements. Alternatively you can buy pellet dissection packs from our online shop (subject to availability).

School Pellet Analysis

*Free for personal or educational use.