Barn Owl hunting game

Papapishu Boys RunningWhat is it like to be a Barn Owl and hunt for your dinner in the dark, using only your hearing?

A game for 4 or more children.

You will need:

*A blindfold (A scarf is ideal) – this is for the Owl.
*A safe space to run around in.

How to play:

*The Owl is blindfolded – it’s night time!
*The Owl stands in the middle of a circle of children – who pretend to be the Field Voles and Wood Mice – the Voles & Mice have to scamper around looking for food whilst continuously rustling & squeaking…
*The Owl has to catch the Voles & Mice, just by listening for sounds.
*When a Mouse or Vole is caught it’s their turn to be the Barn Owl.

Owl Party Game Variation:

*The Owl ‘perches’ on a stool or chair with wrapped sweets underneath it – the Voles & Mice have to try to get a sweet (their food), without getting caught!