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Barn Owl pellets


Watch a Barn Owl cast (regurgitate) an owl pellet in this video! (Russell Savory, UK)

What is a Barn Owl pellet?

  • Facts about owl pellets
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Facts about owl pellets

  • Pellets are the undigested parts of a bird’s food, such as hair or bones, which are regurgitated (cast up through the beak).
  • Many kinds of birds produce pellets including birds of prey, crows and even sparrows. The appearance depends on what they eat.
  • All owls produce pellets and dissecting them is a great way to find out what different owls eat!
  • Owl pellets are not droppings (faeces/poo) – and they do not smell!
  • Barn Owl pellets are black when fresh and gradually turn grey as they get older.
  • Barn Owl pellets are fascinating to investigate and analyse – be a scientist, by gently pulling the pellet apart to see what it is made from. Record your findings in a notebook with drawings or photos. Why do you think there is a ruler in the photo of a Field Vole skull below?
  • Wild Barn Owls in the UK feed mainly on voles, shrews and mice, which are sometimes swallowed whole.
  • Barn Owl pellets contain the undigested fur and bones of as many as 6 small mammals, sometimes even more! Occasionally, very unusual remains may be found such as moles or frogs.
  • You can identify what animal the bones came from by looking at the skull and measuring the jaw bones.
  • Bird bones and even bird rings are sometimes found too. A Barn Owl pellet from Essex contained a BTO ring that had been fitted to a wren in Northumberland – 300 miles away!
  • How to dissect and analyse a Barn Owl pellet: Download a free* Barn Owl pellet analysis worksheet – (Suitable for use in schools.) *Free for personal and educational use only – copyright Barn Owl Trust.
  • Buy a pellet dissection pack direct from the Barn Owl Trust – everything you need, including a real Barn Owl pellet for you to dissect!

A variety of bird pellets. What might the birds eat?

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Field Vole Skull Top Owl pellet dissection

Field Vole skull

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Barn Owl pellet dissection for kids – free* PDF to download

    *Free for personal and educational use only – copyright Barn Owl Trust.

    Barn owl science pdf
    Farmwise event pellet dissection [dwt] 141014 (b)

    Educational resources

    Free for personal and educational use only – copyright Barn Owl Trust.

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