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Barn Owl facts and fun! 

Do you love Barn Owls? We do too! Here you can find out some fascinating Barn Owl facts. Did you know……?

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Owl colouring pages

Print out our free Barn Owl colouring pages, and create your own unique Barn Owl posters! 

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Owl crafts

Wildlife, nature and Barn Owl crafts and activities for kids to make and do.

Flyer issue 52

News & activities – The Flyer

The Flyer is our children’s newsletter for Owlets – Junior Friends of the Barn Owl Trust.

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Owl jokes!

What a hoot!
What is a Barn Owl’s favourite subject in school?…

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Owl puzzles

Lots of owl puzzles for kids of all ages! Try these free* printable fun puzzles and activities.

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The Owl and the Pussycat

‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ poem was written and illustrated in 1871 by Edward Lear.

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Owl wallpapers

Free* Barn Owl wallpaper backgrounds for your mobile or computer screen.

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Owl videos

Find out all about Barn Owls by watching these 6 beautiful, short films – all shot here at the Barn Owl Trust in Devon.

Owlet Kids' Club!

Owlets – Junior Friends of the Barn Owl Trust

Becoming an Owlet encourages kids to take an active interest in nature and the wildlife around them. Help the children and young people you care about develop a greater understanding and love of the Barn Owl and its environment.

Become an Owlet!
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Lesson planning ideas

Our education pages are designed for children at key stage 1 and 2. However, there are ideas and activities included that maybe suitable resource material for older and younger children too. 

Each PDF file is designed to be either used independently, or alongside other materials to enrich a topic plan, taking the Barn Owl into each area of the curriculum.

© The materials can be photocopied for free use in schools and at home on the understanding they are copyright of the Barn Owl Trust.

The classroom resources are split into 3 key areas with ideas for lesson planning and a selection of educational activities and worksheets available for each.

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Talking about the climate and ecological emergency with friends and family can be difficult.

Discussing climate change