Frequently asked questions

Found a young Barn Owl?Found an owl?


Encouraging Barn Owls

  •  Is my area suitable for Barn Owls?
  • Can I feed wild Barn Owls?
  • Will someone come and see if my site is suitable for a nestbox? We cover Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and bordering parts of Somerset. Some visits may be free, depending on circumstances, but others will be charged for. Elsewhere, we will try to put you in touch with an independent Barn Owl worker/organisation. Please contact us to find out more about site assessment.


Visiting, volunteering and public speaking


  • Where can I obtain wild Barn Owl pellets? We receive far more requests for pellets than we can accommodate. As a result, availability is strictly limited to schools and other educational institutions, and to no more than 30 pellets per institution, per year. Please contact us for further details. Alternatively, you can purchase an individual pellet dissection pack with a pellet in it.
  • Where can I buy or sell a captive-bred Barn Owl? We do not buy or sell Barn Owls, nor are we in a position to recommend anyone that does. Try Cage & Aviary Birds magazine or a reputable falconry organisation. Thinking of keeping a captive Barn Owl?