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State of the UK Barn Owl Population 2020

State of the UK Barn Owl Population 2020

Despite the pandemic and lockdown disruptions, many groups were able to monitor substantial numbers of Barn Owl nests and collectively contribute to a reliable impression of the 2020 breeding period. You can read the results, presented here in the State of the UK Barn Owl Population 2020, were poor in general, particularly in terms of […]

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Barn Owls In Winter 08

Wildlife Diary 2021

May When we bought the land in 2001, almost 20 years ago now, the woodland floor was bare, with virtually no understorey. This was due to the sheep and cattle regularly sheltering under the trees. One of the first things we did was to fence off the woodland and, in the area, known as ‘Corner […]

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Coronavirus – Covid-19 Update

15th April 2021 We are now dealing with enquiries 5 days a week: Monday to Friday  10am – 4pm. We are still not able to get all our staff back into the office, however staff working from home are answering our internet based phone number: 01364 255256 between 10am and 4pm. Please bear with us […]

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How To Kill Barn Owls

How to Kill Barn Owls

As most of our supporters know, Barn Owls used to be common in our countryside and now they are a rare and precious sight. A few years ago, at the Royal Cornwall Show, one of our staff  was overheard talking to a landowner saying, “If we had wanted to kill Barn Owls we couldn’t have […]

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Llp cattle grazing [david ramsden] 251120 (a)

Wildlife Diary 2020

December A very wet month, 29 days with 229.1mm of rain. The mean for the month here over 14 years is 152mm. We had a mean temperature of 6.8°C – colder than the average (7.5° C). On the 8th Matt and Rick brushmowed, then brushcut and raked the orchid patch in Kiln Close. They then […]

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Winners of Our Annual Prize Draw 2020

Thanks to everyone that bought tickets for our 2020 Grand Prize Draw. We are delighted to announce the winners who have all now been contacted: Tickets for this year’s Draw will go out with the Spring issue of Feedback. Well Done Everyone – Enjoy your prizes Winners of our 2020 Draw : Barn Owl Adoption […]

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Winter Bird Crop Flowers LLP Wildlife Diary June 2018

The State of Nature report – 2019

The State of Nature report has collated the best available data on the UK’s biodiversity, with a focus on the trends in species as the key evidence of how nature is faring. It also assesses the pressures acting upon nature, and the conservation response being made, in order to give a rounded view of the […]

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Green Audit

Climate change is real, and is man-made. That’s what the science is telling us. Every part of society, whether government, business or individuals, is being encouraged to operate in more environmentally friendly ways, to help sustain not only the quality of life we expect today, but for generations to come. We all need to start […]

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Kaibab National Forest Creative Commons

The Unfolding Catastrophe

While we’ve all been working hard to conserve the habitat of the Barn Owl; campaigning, signing petitions, writing to MPs, and donating to environmental causes, Climate Change has turned into a “Climate Crisis” and the gradual loss of habitats and species has become a full-blown “Mass Extinction Event”.

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