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How to manage land for Barn Owls

Discover the importance of good Barn Owl habitat and how to create and maintain it.

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Barn Owl roosting and nesting places

Barn Owls don’t only live in barns! Learn about commonly used roost and nest places.

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Is your area suitable for Barn Owls?

Landscape suitability maps for each region of Britain – useful when planning conservation projects.

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How much land do Barn Owls need?

Learn about the quantity of rough grass habitat required by Barn Owls in different UK landscape types.

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Countryside Stewardship – Barn Owls

Countryside Stewardship is an environmental land management scheme, offering grants for landowners.

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Good Barn Owl habitat photos

These images shows some examples of really good rough grassland – great for Barn Owls and lots of other wildlife.

Have you seen a Barn Owl?

You can report a Barn Owl sighting confidentially on our UK Barn Owl survey website.
We use this data to help monitor population levels and fatalities, and to influence planning where possible.

UK Barn Owl Online Survey