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The first Crosswort was seen flowering in the Main Field on the 1st of the month. The Orchid patch was still looking magnificent as were the Bluebells and the large patches of Greater Stitchwort in the rough grass. Three Wood Mice and a Slow worm were found when moving a block of wood that had been left near the First Field Shelter, it was replaced. Harry cleared the turfs from the Long Path that had rolled down when the bird crop area was being ploughed. 21.4mm of rain fell overnight and it was windy as a heavy band of rain passed through.

The trail camera on the Flo Pond caught some really exciting footage on the 3rd, a female Mandarin with 11 ducklings arrived and they were around for a few hours, probably from the nestbox above the top bridge where a female was recorded sitting on the 24th April. When a male flew in the female chased him off. On the 5th a pair of Mallards turned up just after dusk and stayed around much of the day.


The Wild Flower Walk on the 8th had just three visitors but we were blessed with great weather and the Orchid and Bluebell patches were spectacular, we recorded 20+ flowers. On the 9th there were two Slow worms and a Wood Mouse under one sheet of corrugated at the top of the Main Field and a Wood Mouse and nest under the other.