Wildlife Diary

Barn Owl in Wildlife Tower

A wild Barn Owl in our Wildlife Tower in the LLP

‘Barn Owl Heaven!’
Managing our wildlife haven (known as the Lennon Legacy Project or LLP) for Barn Owls, has created diverse habitat for a wonderful array of native plants and flowers, insects, butterflies, birds and mammals.

The LLP consists of 26 acres nestled on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, and includes part of the River Ashburn which runs through the woodland valley where the Barn Owl Trust offices are set. Creating rough grassland, re-creating hedge banks, planting an orchard, building a wildlife tower and stone banks, plus two wildlife ponds has hugely increased the biodiversity of this varied landscape.

Find out how we look after our Barn Owl habitat and follow our monthly highs and lows of wildlife sightings, unpredictable weather and practical conservation work.
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Intensively grazed sheep pasture transformed into Barn Owl Heaven!

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Wildlife Diary February 2024

We very rarely see Rabbits on the LLP despite them being often seen on neighbouring land in the valley. Most of their signs are droppings on the path in the Main Field near the First Field Shelter. However, Mateo spotted quite a few at night with the thermal imager in September and with the winter […]

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Snowdrops in Forde Orchard

Wildlife Diary January 2024

We began the month as we ended December – unusually mild, wet and windy with the first 4-days bringing a total of 106.6mm of rain. On the 7th the temperature dropped dramatically, and we had frost and ice. The ground at the top of the Main Field and through all the gateways is now incredibly […]

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Radio Tagging Tracking 05

About our Wildlife Diary

The 26 acre Lennon Legacy Project was purchased in 2001 with a generous legacy from the late Vivien Lennon. This unique nature reserve includes part of the River Ashburn which runs through a woodland valley, on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, where the Barn Owl Trust offices are based. Creating rough grassland, re-creating hedge banks, planting an […]

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Poppies and cornflowers

Wildlife Diary 2023

December On the 4th, 8 Redwing were seen in the Pennsland Hedge. There were 2 Reed Bunting, 7 Linnet, 20 Chaffinch and 20 Goldfinch moving between the hedge and the wild bird food crop. A Sparrowhawk passed over the crop and a young Fox emerged. Greenfinch in the hedge between Kiln Close and top field. […]

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LLP aerial [david ramsden] 230721

Wildlife Diary 2022

December The first day of the month was dry and Matt showed Harry how to prune the apple trees in Forde Orchard and then marked out the area for the third Field Shelter. After last month’s almost continuous rain the first half of the month was almost dry, but temperatures dropped dramatically, with freezing temperatures […]

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Barn Owls In Winter 08

Wildlife Diary 2021

December The month started damp and cold with 11.4mm of rain on the 1st and a mean temperature of 4.8°C on the 2nd. There was an amazing sunset then, and a small murmuration of Starlings was seen again at dusk from the top of the field flying further up the valley. Previously seen at dusk […]

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LLP cattle grazing

Wildlife Diary 2020

December A very wet month, 29 days with 229.1mm of rain. The mean for the month here over 14 years is 152mm. We had a mean temperature of 6.8°C – colder than the average (7.5° C). On the 8th Matt and Rick brushmowed, then brushcut and raked the orchid patch in Kiln Close. They then […]

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Birdwatching Event LLP Wildlife Diary December 2019

Wildlife Diary 2019

December At midday on the 4th the following birds were recorded in the crop; c. 300 linnets, c. 40 Chaffinch, 10 Greenfinch (a site record), 8 Blackbird, 1 Song Thrush, 5+ Wren, 1 Blue Tit and 1 Coal Tit were all utilising the crop, whilst a Yellowhammer was heard on or over the crop. The […]

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