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News Bytes – April 2024

These news bytes have appeared on our social media pages, FacebookX/Twitter and Instagram during the month.
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Many thanks to Hi-Line for gifting us some wood chip for our aviaries  As part of our conservation work, we have several aviaries on site where we house rescued owls during their rehabilitation before release back into the wild, and also permanently for those unable to be released. Here is Tyrion checking out the new woodchip!


Did you know that we run professional Barn Owl Trust training courses?

Our Barn Owl Ecology, Surveys and Signs (BOESS) course is a foundation course covering Barn Owl ecology, legislation, surveying and basic mitigation, and is aimed primarily at ecologists who conduct Barn Owl surveys at potential development sites and the planning officers who deal with such applications.


A Pied Flycatcher has turned up already and is scouting out the nestbox in front of our office window which is very exciting for us all!


What to do if you find a young Tawny Owl.

In almost all cases, by far the best thing is to leave a Tawny owlet where it was found. Unless, of course, there is definitely something wrong.  Barn Owls are very different – if you find a Barn Owlet on the ground that’s too young to fly it *must* be placed back in the nest – click here for more information.  Photo of a Tawny owlet –  Kevin Keatley


Would you like to learn a few Barn Owl facts? Here’s a good place to start – Barn Owl facts


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