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Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Barn Owl Trust

We are a small UK charity working very hard to conserve one of the most beautiful birds on Earth.
Explore our educational resources, conservation initiatives, and research work.

With your help we can safeguard these enchanting owls, their habitat,
and the vast array of species they share it with.
Together we can make a world of difference

Find your nearest

Find your nearest Barn Owl Group, Owl Rescue Centre, or Professional Surveyor in the Barn Owl Trust’s Directory of local contacts.

Found an injured owl?

Find out how to identify the owl species, how to check the owl over for injuries/illness, what to do with the owl next, and how to get help.

Record a sighting

Please report all Barn Owl nests, roost sites, and sightings (dead or alive), anywhere in the UK on our confidential Survey website. Thank you

Barn Owl with poppies [Paul Smith]

About Us

The history of the Trust, what we do, training courses, Barn Owl talks, news & events, and more…
Barow hunting flying over grassland [Phil Thorogood]

Barn Owls

Barn Owl facts including adaptations, UK population, how to encourage Barn Owls, and more…
Lisa Nestboxing [David Ramsden]


Discover where to put your owl nestbox, how to build one, maintenance, buy a pre-made one, and more…
Barn Owl in flight over grassland [Les Foster]


How to manage land for Barn Owls, roosting and nesting places, and more…
Barn Owl on trough [David Ramsden]

Hazards and Solutions

Discover the different hazards that affect Barn Owls and what can be done.
young Barn Owl rehab with wing fracture [Jo Plant]

Owl Care

Learn everything you need to know if you find an injured wild owl.
Pair of Barn Owls [Phil Thorogood]

Support Us

There are many different ways you can support us.
Bird walk

News and Events

Find out our latest news and upcoming events.
Barn owlet tree nest [Phil Thorogood]

Kid's Stuff

Arts and crafts, fun facts, lesson ideas and more…
Sales goods


Offering eco items, earth friendly gifts, publications and clothing.
captive Barn Owl Moon at school talk

Talks and Education

Inspirational talks for school/youth groups and adult groups.

Barn owl survey website screenshot


Learn about our research projects. Report a Barn Owl sighting.

Professional Barn Owl courses

1. Barn Owl Ecology, Surveys and Signs (BOESS) course: A foundation course covering ecology, legislation, surveying and basic mitigation.
2. Advanced Barn Owl Surveying and Mitigation (ABOSM) course: An advanced course covering surveying, mitigation, and report preparation.