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Hazards & Solutions


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Rat poison and safer rat control

Find out about the impact of rodenticides on Barn Owls, and ‘safer’ alternatives.

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Major roads and high-speed trains

Learn how and why Barn Owls are so negatively affected by roads, and what can be done to improve the situation.

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Nest and roost site loss

Find out all about the loss of occupied nest and roost sites and the impact on Barn Owl populations.

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Planning decisions

We support the conversion of traditional agricultural buildings as long as the welfare of the birds is considered.

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Nestbox design

Find out why some nestboxes are positively dangerous and how to choose a good one

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Water troughs

Learn why water troughs are a hazard to Barn Owls and a simple solution.

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How to reduce the chances of owls being killed by overhead cables and transformers on poles.

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Ground-mounted solar panels

Learn about how solar PV arrays have the potential to be of great benefit to Barn Owls.

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Wind turbines

Thankfully, overall there is no evidence that wind turbines have a significant impact on Barn Owls in the UK.

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Climate and Ecological Crisis

Discover how climate change is affecting Barn Owls

Report a Barn Owl sighting

You can report a Barn Owl sighting confidentially on our UK Barn Owl survey website.
We use this data to help monitor population levels and fatalities, and to influence planning where possible.

UK Barn Owl Online Survey