How to erect a Barn Owl nestbox on a tree

Donate Support Our Work Button 2How to put up an outdoor nest box for Barn Owls:
Step-by-step photo guide instructions for 2 fixing methods for exterior DIY Barn Owl boxes. The first method is suitable for tree trunks; and the second is for trees with large forked branches.

Tree nestboxes bought from the Barn Owl Trust are supplied with a Hanging Kit already fitted. The screws and nails you need are enclosed. At the top and bottom there are recycled plastic “hangers” permanently bolted to the box. The hanging system involves screwing and nailing into a tree so, where possible, please choose a dead tree.

An alternative method is to use straps (not supplied by us), they must be UV-stable (polyester not polypropylene). We suggest 25mm / 800kg ratchet straps supplied by Damar Webbing Products.

How to erect a Barn Owl box in a tree – Video

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