How to build a Barn Owl nestbox for a tree

Donate Support Our Work Button 2A Barn Owl nestbox in a tree is the next best option if you do not have a suitable building. If you have a suitable tree, a tree box is easier and more practical than a box on a pole.
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Barn Owl Treebox How to make a Barn Owl tree nestbox – step by step photo instructions:

You will need:

  • 8′ x 4′ sheet pressure treated 9mm plywood
  • 30mm; 50mm & 70mm screws
  • Bostik or Everbuild All Weather Sealant (not silicone)
  • Weatherproof wood glue (e.g. Evo-stick)
  • Torch on roofing felt or Polyester roofing felt + tacks

Or buy a tree nestbox – ready made!

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