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Where do Barn Owls live? – Missing word puzzle

[printfriendly] Can you find the missing words?

The places where wild animals and birds choose to live is called their habitat.

Here are 10 facts about wild Barn Owl habitat – but each of these sentences has lost a vital word – can you figure out what’s missing?

Barn Owl nest box1. Barn Owls nest in all sorts of countryside buildings, rock crevices or even hollow trees – not just b_ _ _ _!

2. Barn Owls like to n_ _ _ and roost (rest) where they are dry and high up, hidden  out of sight.

Good Barn Owl Habitat barn3. Most wild Barn Owls in the UK live in specially built n_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

4. The safest nestbox design is at least 460mm deep so that baby o_ _ _ _ _ don’t fall out before they can fly.

5. Barn Owls prefer perching on w_ _ _, which is warmer than metal or stone.

6. In Britain many Barn Owls live in old farm b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, often using the same nesting places for hundreds of years.

Barn Owl Nestlings 07 Helier Mason7. Barn Owls have lived near people since f_ _ _ _ _ _ began about 5,500 years ago.

8. Barn owls live near where they can catch enough food, especially v_ _ _ _ and mice.

9. Barn Owls like to hunt over open fields with rough
tussocky g_ _ _ _ rather than among trees.

10. Countryside that is good for Barn Owls is also good for lots of other w_ _ _ _ _ _ _ such as other birds, insects and small mammals.

Click here to see the words that fill the spaces:

  1. Barn Owls Flying Hunting 05barns
  2. nest
  3. nestboxes
  4. owlets
  5. wood
  6. buildings
  7. farming
  8. voles
  9. grass
  10. wildlife

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