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How to make a pine cone bird feeder

Fir cone Craft Bird Feeder Look after the birds this winter – regular feeding of high energy food can make all the difference to small birds and help them survive the cold weather, when their natural food is hard to find.

You will need:

  • Pine cones – you can find lots of these on the ground under pine trees in autumn. Put the largest ones you can find somewhere warm and dry to open up.
  • Smooth peanut butter.
  • Suet.
  • Wild bird seed.
  • Ribbon or string.

How to make a pine cone bird feeder:

1. Tie the ribbon or string very firmly to the pine cone.

2. Mix the peanut butter, suet and bird seed together to form a thick sticky mixture.

3. Push the mixture well into the cone – you can roll the sticky pine cone in the left over bird seed to add a coating of seed and make it extra yummy!

4. Hang the pine cone bird feeders from your bird table or garden trees.

Enjoy watching the birds tuck into their winter feast! How many different types (species) of bird can you see?