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Owl crafts: Easy fir cone Barn Owl to make

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Easy Fir cone Barn Owl crafts

Fir cones of all shapes and sizes can often be found under evergreen trees – collect a few dry ones for some fun easy fir-cone crafts.

Fircone Owl CraftsYou will need: a Fir cone, piece of white card, piece of brown card, glue, scissors and a black felt tip pen. A few small downy feathers are an optional extra.

1. — Take the white card and cut a heart shape about 50mm wide for the face.— Draw 2 black eyes and a beak.

— Glue the face onto the front of your fir cone (thinnest end).

—2.  Take the brown card, copy and cut out the feet shape.— Glue the feet onto the bottom of your fir cone (widest end).

Fircone CraftsA couple of soft downy feathers tucked into the fir cone scales look cute – if you have them. Keep an eye out next time you go for a walk and you might find some! (Most likely they will be pigeon feathers – but your owl won’t mind.)

Say ‘hello’ to your fir cone Barn Owl!

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