Owl pictures: Kids’ art gallery

Owlet pictures – Children’s Art Gallery

Here is a selection of some of the great owl pictures, owl crafts and owl poems you have sent us about your own Barn Owl experiences. Aren’t they fantastic!

We are always keen to receive your Barn Owl pictures, crafts, stories, letters and poems. We try and show our favourites on these pages or in future editions of ‘The Flyer‘, our newsletter especially designed for Owlets – our Junior Friends of The Barn Owl Trust.

Please email your creative contributions in jpg/gif/png format to: info@barnowltrust.org.uk
We look forward to seeing them – Thank you!

Barney the Barn Owl by Francesca

A very strong message from talented young artist Francesca – we love those powerful talons! And did you notice the tiny mouse?

Barn Owl drawing by Bella

Beautiful pencil drawing of a Barn Owl by Bella, aged 11. Thank you Bella!

Owl Art by Harby Church of England Primary School

Well done to the talented children in Reception and Year 1 at Harby C of E Primary School, Leicestershire, who have been learning all about Barn Owls and sent us this photo of their lovely display of Barn Owls and Owlets. We think it’s a great idea to display all of the owls & owlets in that big old tree – hope there are loads of voles around for when they get hungry!

Barn Owl by Amelia age 6

A fantastic little Barn Owl sent in by Amelia, age 6.

Owl colouring pictures by Birdham Primary School Owl colouring pictures by Birdham Primary School Owl pictures by Birdham Primary School

Thank you to Orange Class year 1 & 2 at Birdham Primary School in Chichester, for all of these wonderfully colourful Owls! We can see that you had a lot of fun!

Owl colouring page by Jude

This beautifully detailed Barn Owl at night, is by 10 year old Jude. We love how she’s used the colours to evoke a night-time atmosphere, Well done!

Owl Biscuits Brundall Primary School Fundraising Event

The Owl Class at Brundall Primary School, Norfolk raised enough money to adopt a Barn Owl from the Barn Owl Trust by making and selling owl biscuits! What a great idea! Thank you Owl Class!

Leonna Fundraising Owl Cress Head Sock Owls [Nicola Haslam]

In a Spring edition of the Flyer we invited you all to make your very own Owl Cresshead and Leonna from Nottinghamshire did just that ….and more!! Here is her fantastic collection of Cressheads and Sock Owls! Well done Leonna, they look fab!

Leonna Paper Plate Owls

When Leonna broke her foot during PE and couldn’t go to Waterworld with her friend Lauren as planned…she didn’t let it get her down….instead she got creative! Check out the funky paper-plate Owls they made! What a hoot! Why not give it try yourselves!

Owl Corner Shannon

Thanks to Shannon for sharing her fantastic owl corner with us. What an amazing collection you have!

Thomas Barn Owl Pic

We love this Computer Graphic Barn Owl image from Tom, from Essex.

Hythe Hill Primary School Owl Collage

A collage of lovely Barn Owl pictures by (clockwise):

  • Colourful Barn Owl, by Lucy, age 7.
  • Beautiful white Barn Owl Face‘ by Morgan.
  • Lovely green fields! by Olivia.
  • Barn Owl by Vanessa, age 5.
  • Starry Sky‘ by Robyn.
  • Barn Owl at Night‘ by Lewis.

Here’s a gallery of some posters with really important messages about Barn Owl conservation. They are just a small selection sent to us by children from Hythehill Primary School in Moray, Scotland. Aren’t they fantastic! (Click on a picture to look at the posters – click on the black background to return to this page.)

Nocturnal Animal Reading Corner Euxton CE Primary School Lancashire Nocturnal Animal Reading Corner Euxton CE PrimarySchool Lancashire

The ‘Nocturnal Animal Reading Corner‘ at Euxton CE Primary School, Lancashire. What a lovely cosy spot to be absorbed in a book about Barn Owls  🙂

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