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Our ideal Assistant Conservation Officer applicant…

Indoor Barn Owl Nestbox Erection

Has a keen long-term interest in owls and a passion for Barn Owl conservation. Be actively involved in nature conservation and have carried out practical tasks to encourage wildlife. In handling live wild birds they will be both confident and gentle.

They will have wide-ranging skills including creative writing, public speaking, DIY/woodwork, and practical land management. They will be very good with computers (especially database, email and website work) and happy to sit in front of one most of the time. They will be physically fit and keen on outdoor work in all weathers – even up a ladder! They will be interested in people and will enjoy talking about owls, nestboxes, habitats, and the Trust’s work.

School Baley PrimaryThey will be able to give inspirational presentations and will display genuine enthusiasm for Barn Owls and a deep knowledge of farmland bird conservation.

They will be just as happy talking to well-informed professionals as getting down on their knees to entertain and inform nursery school children.

Above all, they will be totally trustworthy and reliable with great interpersonal skills. They will be optimistic, enthusiastic about the environment, and far more interested in job satisfaction and happiness than money or material gain.

If you have most or all of these qualities then please write to us now!

If you’d rather wait until a job advert appears, keep an eye on our Job Vacancies page.