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Barn Owls and Major Roads (free)

A major study into the effects of trunk roads (such as motorways and dual carriageways) on Barn Owl populations. Sections include; the effects of a 22 km new dual carriageway and an old 14 km motorway on local Barn Owl populations; the long-term effect of the trunk road network on the wider Barn Owl population.

Draws on Barn Owl data we collected over a 15-year period including 1,163 birds ringed, 257 ring recoveries, 1,138 Barn Owl sightings and the details of 162 unringed road casualties. Contains recommendations for changes in road verge design.

Written by our Senior Conservation Officer; David J Ramsden.

ISBN 13 978-0-9525578-3-8

Open as PDF: Barn Owls and Major Roads