Job vacancies

We do not have any vacancies at the moment, but please keep checking this page as details will be posted here as and when vacancies come up. Jobs will also be posted on Environmentjob and the Countryside Jobs Service.

Vacancies in our Conservation Team don’t come up very often but we are always pleased to hear from anyone with a keen interest in Barn Owls seeking permanent employment in Barn Owl conservation. Here’s a brief outline of our ideal Assistant Conservation Officer applicant.


Volunteer Nestbox builder required

We are looking for a volunteer for approximately one day per week (Monday-Friday) to build nestboxes.

The Trust sells 4 types of nestboxes of which the components are all cut but need putting together. We pride our selves on producing nestboxes to a high standard for sale to the general public and for our own use. The right person will have knowledge and experience of using hand tools, wood work and happily work as part of a small team taking pride in their work.

Please reply by email to for an application form.

Volunteer Vacancies Wood WorkVolunteers are vital!
Weekly Volunteers generally come in 1 or 2 days a week covering tasks such as aviary cleaning, car cleaning, woodwork, fieldwork, and grounds maintenance.
Monthly Volunteers who join in with monthly conservation tasks in our nature reserve (The Lennon Legacy Project), or office admin.
Special Task Volunteers who come in less often to help with things like newsletter mailings, demolition jobs, or helping out at events. We also have a list of ‘owl transport volunteers’ who we can call on if an injured owl just needs collecting or taking to the vets.

We are currently on the look out for a professional architect, and a gifted cartoonist/illustrator,  who could occasionally produce a drawing for us.

If you are interested in volunteering please do contact us telling us how much time you have available and what sort of things you’d like to do. We will then get in touch when we need you.

Here’s a few quotes from volunteers:
“I collect and deliver injured owls taking them to and from the vets as required, and I also help in the office with things like mailings, packing sales goods, and odd things like Volunteer Vacancies Hedge Layingwrapping lucky dip prizes. I’ve been an occasional volunteer for many years and enjoy the socialising as well as knowing that I’m doing something useful”.
Margaret Rhodes.

“I come in for 1 or 2 days a week depending on my other commitments. I do all sorts of things including cleaning aviaries and cars, going out on fieldwork with the conservation team to navigate and carry ladders, working on the Trust’s land on conservation tasks and even helping out in the office when they need an extra pair of hands. It’s a great thing to do.” Kim Baker

Regular volunteers are a wonderful asset and their help is really appreciated. Having people we can call on to help out occasionally is also very important to us, especially to Volunteer Vacancies Practical Work Trailertransport injured owls. If you are close enough you could help us with mailings – twice a year (spring and autumn),  or come along on a conservation team day and help out with practical tasks on the Trust’s land – see our Events Diary for dates.

Wherever you live you could run a fundraising event like a coffee morning, a cheese and wine party, a jumble sale, or you could find homes for leaflet dispensers or donation boxes.