Wings of Change DVD takes flight! – October 2009

Barn Owl Trust Wings Of Change DVD & Schools Pack Back CoversTwo years in the making, our well loved ‘Wings of Change’ story of the Barn Owl and its decline has been updated for children to enjoy on DVD.

The ‘Wings of Change’ story began as a school talk given by the Barn Owl Trust using a traditional chalk board and

Entitled “Wings of Change”, Hill Tribe has produced a 20 minute DVD for The Barn Owl Trust which will be played at schools throughout the UK as part of the charity’s efforts to raise awareness about the decline of the Barn Owl. Working closely with the charity, the film was 2 years in the making, and is presented by TV Naturalist, Nick Baker.

A captivating story about Barn Owls presented by naturalist and TV presenter, Nick Baker. Nick tells the story of Barn Owls on a farm between 1940 and the present day. A thought provoking and educational DVD most suited to primary school viewers but of interest to all ages.

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