Wildlife Diary February 2024

Dug out burow

Dug out burrow in Pennsland Lane hedge

We very rarely see Rabbits on the LLP despite them being often seen on neighbouring land in the valley. Most of their signs are droppings on the path in the Main Field near the First Field Shelter. However, Mateo spotted quite a few at night with the thermal imager in September and with the winter dieback of vegetation several Rabbit size holes were spotted in the hedge near the Field Shelter. On the 2nd there was evidence of digging outside one of the lower holes and what is probably nesting material, a mixture of fur and dried grass.

Four Mandarin Ducks flew up from the Frog spawn in the Watercress patch in the Flo Pond late morning on the 4th and the Ealy Purple Orchids were emerging in the mown patch in Kiln Close. On the 7th Harry and Tim started putting in the corner posts for the 2nd Field Shelter in Kiln Close.

The two young Almond trees in the Orchard were starting to produce their delicate pink blossom by the 12th.  Blubell leaves were emerging in Corner Wood and along the Apprentice Path and there also were lots of Primrose leaves appearing in Corner Wood. Harry and Josh began the winter pruning of the Apple trees in Forde Orchard on the 14th and on the 15th the first of the Tadpoles in the ponds had hatched.

Tadpoles february 2024 (1)


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