The First Barn Owl Directory

BODThe Barn Owl Trust has launched the first ever UK Barn Owl Directory. This allows visitors to the BOT website to find by region, groups and individuals to help with local conservation advice, Barn Owl casualties or Barn Owl surveys for planning applications.

By clicking on the map you can select the area of the country you’re interested in and see the counties where local contacts are available under each heading:

Barn Owl conservation: independent groups & projects who encourage / monitor wild Barn Owls / erect nestboxes / give land management advice / BTO ringing.
Barn Owl carers: take in casualty owls / assess / treat / rehabilitate / release / provide sanctuary.
Barn Owl surveys: Ecological Consultants trained by the Barn Owl Trust to assess development sites, design mitigation strategies for Barn Owls and produce reports to aid your planning application.

This is a first for the UK and a great step forward in networking for the benefit of Barn Owls nationally and for folk that want to get advice or help from someone in their area.

The directory is by no means exhaustive and the number of contacts varies tremendously amongst regions due to their geographical spread. Please note that these contacts are independent and not part of the Barn Owl Trust.

There are currently 87 Barn Owl Groups and Projects  listed, 209 Owl Carers and Rehabilitators, and finally 222 Professional Surveyors trained by us. So if you want to contact your county Barn Owl group, find a surveyor for your development site, or if you need to take an injured owl to someone local: just go to our Barn Owl Directory.

We will do our best to keep details up to date. Please notify errors and updates by email.

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