Barn Owl radio tagging and tracking

Donate Support Our Work Button 2This photo gallery shows three methods used for attaching conventional radio tags to Barn Owls.

The latest radio tags have the potential to significantly increase our understanding of Barn Owl dispersal, ranging, and foraging behaviour, although currently, due to the limitations of battery life, significantly large studies are very expensive. However, tag technology and battery technology are advancing very quickly.
This study by Birdwatch Ireland is fantastic example of what can be achieved.

Short-term Barn Owl tagging: Radio tags that are attached to the owl’s feathers and tags that are glued directly to the skin usually become unattached (and often lost) within a week or two and are only used for short-term tagging.

Longer term Barn Owl tagging: The two long-duration ways of tagging Barn Owls (whether conventional radio tags or GPS tags) are the ‘back pack’ or ‘harness’ method (for young in the nest at 6-7.5 weeks old) and the ankle-mount method for fully-fledged birds.

More about GPS tagging Barn Owls.

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