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Lennon Legacy Project – wild flowers of rough grassland

Donate Support Our Work Button 2Photos of wild flowers in Barn Owl habitat:
The best hunting habitat for Barn Owls in the UK, is rough grassland. The Lennon Legacy Project (LLP) began life as artificially fertilised, heavily grazed sheep pasture – mainly short Rye Grass and White Clover. We changed the grassland management to produce a thick, matted mix of native grasses to encourage Field Voles – the Barn Owl’s main prey.

Many wild flower species – such as Foxgloves, Great Mullein, Speedwell and Buttercups – are now abundant and create spectacular drifts of colour every spring and summer. Native flora that had never been seen here before, are thriving – such as Slender Mullein, Dark Mullein, White Campion, Musk Thistle, Field Pansies, Wild Onion, Mallow, and many others.

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Come and see our wild flower meadows, by joining us on a guided walk through ‘Barn Owl Heaven’.
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