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How to erect a Barn Owl nestbox in a building

Donate Support Our Work Button 2How to put up an indoor nest box for Barn Owls:
Step-by-step photo guide instructions to 5 fixing methods for interior Barn Owl boxes – each suitable for various types of farm building construction:

  • Hook-over: For attaching a nestbox to a horizontal beam.
  • Sliding battens: For a corrugated sheet wall with horizontal rails.
  • U-shaped frame: For a timber wall rail that’s not wide enough to support the nestbox.
  • Pair of stilts:  For attaching an owl box to a vertical wood surface.
  • Back bar: Uses a timber bar attached to the back of the box and a couple of wooden ‘hooks’.

Safety First: Make sure the ladder is tied off, all your PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT is ready, and put your hammer on the exercise platform of the nestbox.
If you are erecting the owl box in someone else’s building, always put your name and phone number on it in big letters (so it can be seen from the ground.). AND don’t forget to put the lid on!

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