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Barn Owl pictures: Dawn and dusk

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Stunning Barn Owl pictures:

Pictures of Barn Owls hunting at dawn and dusk – the best times to see them in the wild.
If you are lucky enough to see a wild Barn Owl in the UK, please record your sightings on our Barn Owl on-line survey website. Thank you.

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How do Barn Owls hunt in low light?

  • A Barn Owl’s low-light vision is highly sensitive to the smallest movement of prey.
  • A Barn Owl’s large eyes are twice as sensitive to light as human eyes.
  • Their ears are very good at detecting and pin-pointing the tiny high frequency sounds made by small mammals as they move around in the long grass.
  • Barn Owls can fly virtually silently, due to their soft feathers. This means that no sound interferes with listening for prey.
  • Experiments have shown that Barn Owls can capture prey in total darkness by using just their hearing.

Barn Owl photography

About taking pictures of Barn Owls:

Thank you to these wildlife photographers for their wonderful Barn Owl pictures:

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