September News Bytes


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As part of the nation-wide Great Big Green Week, our Head of Conservation, David Ramsden MBE, will be giving his much-acclaimed presentation:
‘Climate and Ecological Crisis? What’s all the fuss about?’
This free talk is perfect for everyone who’s concerned about the future and ideal for anyone who wants to know what all the fuss is about. Find out more about talks available from the Barn Owl Trust here.


Roe Deer on the Nature ReserveScreenshot from roe dear harry hingston 170921

Roe Deer find plenty of grazing on our Nature Reserve, and can also hide well in the rough grassland. This one decided we were too close for comfort and bounded away, but probably didn’t go far as there are plenty of quiet spots to be found. Our volunteer Harry Hingston took this video (see the full video on our Facebook page here) on his phone while out helping Mateo with practical work on the LLP.



Practical habitat management workVolunteer controlling llp reed mace [harry hingston] 160921 (a)

Greater reedmace can turn a small pool into a marshy area, or even dry land, and action was required to keep our pond. Many thanks to conservation volunteer Harry Hingston for all his help in opening up the water surface!

Find out about the species that inhabit / visit our nature reserve in our Wildlife Diary.




242009265 10157799647272003 8047755076776628406 nPoleboxes

This polebox is now 20 years old and it has had no maintenance at all. The bird on the top is a Wood Pigeon but a Barn Owl was seen going into it yesterday.

Photo: Tony Utting.

Find out more about when you might chose to install a pole-mounted nestbox for Barn Owls here.



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You never quite know what you’re going to be doing when you come to work at the Trust. Today’s unusual task was preparing the conduit for the cable which we hope might eventually improve our broadband speed.




Conservation VolunteersAmbios thistles september 2021

Sending a huge THANK YOU to the budding conservationists who came to the Barn Owl Trust last week! They were a great help collecting data for our research on rough grassland management techniques, which was all part of their nature conservation training with fantastic Ambios Ltd.



The Climate Coalition

Barow llp flying hunting day [marianne bryan] 190612 (a)

‘Tag The Climate Coalition in a photo of your favourite place in the UK and tell us why you want to protect our countryside and special places.

Our favourite place is known locally as Barn Owl Heaven – our nature reserve managed for Barn Owls on the edge of Dartmoor. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place – our small contribution to helping wildlife thrive. Because they are a bird of prey, at the top of the food chain, looking after Barn Owls means that many other creatures and plants benefit, helping to create sustainable biodiversity. Our research, experience and observations help us to help others to take care of wildlife and our planet.

Each in our own way – we all matter and we can all help to make a real difference.

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