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On the 25th July 2016 we received a phone call from a member of the public who had found a Barn Owl in the road near BAROW Rehab Hand [Lexie New] 250716 (B)Winkleigh. He kindly offered to take it to a vets to get it checked over.
A while later, having found no signs of injury, he brought the Owl to us.

The female owl didn’t look good, although not starving she was very unresponsive and refused to eat of her own accord, meaning we had to force feed her. We persisted with feeding her, and eventually she began to eat the dead mice that we were leaving with her.

BAROW WatermarkedOn The Mend
A week on from her rescue, she is definitely on the mend, getting very feisty and making a lot of noise. Her next move will be to a hospital aviary to continue her recovery. Let’s hope this is a success story for this Barn Owl.

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