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Wildlife Words Volumes 1-6 poetry books


Choose from six volumes of Wildlife poetry selected by the Barn Owl Trust.

Our Wildlife Words Poetry Anthologies (vol 1-6) contain collections of the best poems from the six Poetry Competitions held by The Barn Owl Trust since 2011. The names of each poem and poet are listed below.

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Our Wildlife Words Poetry Anthologies (Volumes 1-6) showcase the best poems from 6 Poetry Competitions held by the Barn Owl Trust between 2011 and 2019 on the subject of ‘Wildlife and Conservation’.

Grateful thanks to everyone involved, we really appreciate all your hard work.
Keep an eye out for our next wildlife poetry competition!

The names of each poem and poet included are listed below:

Wildlife Words poetry Vol 1 – Autumn 2011

Our two judges, Rebecca Gethin and Miranda Egan selected the winning poems from an amazing 85 entries.
20 poems are included:

1st Prize“Red” by Isobel Thrilling

2nd Prize“Pantoum:Beautiful and Cursed” by Graham Burchell

3rd Prize“Tyto” by Mark Totterdell

Highly Commended certificates:

The First Butterfly – Eleanor Vale; Windfall – Seamus Harrington;

The Wild Geese – Carolyn Taylor; Murmuration – Matt Goodfellow;

Riddle – Kathryn Dixon; Waiting – Carolyn Taylor.


Red Admiral – Graham Burchell; Black Cap, the Northern Nightingale – Mary Woodward;

Briefing at 18.00 – Seamus Harrington; Fox Hunt – Matt Goodfellow;

The Prize – Philip Burton; In his place – Jane Aldous

The following  poems were also included in Volume 1

Barn Owls – Nicole Kaszczak; Day of the Bumble Bee – Keira Smith; Is that a Mouse? – Philip Burton;

Nature Reserve – Joan Condon and The Orange Eyed – Tara Cole


Wildlife Words poetry Vol 2 – Spring 2013
19 poems

The winner of our first Poetry Competition, Isobel Thrilling, kindly agreed to act as judge.
19 wildlife poems were published:

 1st Prize: “Winnowing (for Richard Mabey)” by Jackie Bennett

2nd Prize: “Barn for Sale” by Jennifer Hunt

3rd Prize: “Umbellifera” by Hilary Jupp

 Highly commended entries:

Fifteen Ravens – Mark Totterdell; Owls Feather – Anita Thorpe;

The Wild Cats! – Lena Walton; Straight – Gabriel Griffin-Hall;

The Gatekeeper – Philip Burton & Summer Contract – Eleanor Vale

The following poems were also included in Volume 2

The Last of the Few – Dawn Lawrence; The Hunter – Ruth Bies; Garden Joys Too – Heather Buswell;

Picture This – Dorothy Waite; Soon They Will Fledge – Ruth Bies; Creek Heron – Helen Boyles;

Contrasts of Autumn – Rob Hamar; Dormouse awakes – Jennifer Hunt; Autumn roar – Eugene Butterworth

and The Shape Of Things To Come? – Alan Carter.


Wildlife Words poetry Vol 3 – Autumn 2014

The winner of our 2nd Wildlife Poetry Competition, Jackie Bennett, kindly agreed to act as judge this time and chose these 23 poems from the 75 which were submitted.

1st Prize: “Daytripper” by Hilary Jupp

2nd Prize: “Pesticidal” by Susan Richardson

3rd Prize: “Glow Worms” by Rosie Bennett

 Highly commended entries

Feeding Time at Gigrin -Jennifer Hammond; With the Lengthening of Days – Hilary Jupp;

Peregrine – Graham Burchell; Children By The Stream- Joan Condon;

At the Tip of Dawlish Warren – Virginia Griem and Reassembling The Leaf – Isobel Thrilling

Also included in Volume 3:

Wildlife – Cara Edwards; Owl – Heather Collins;  Hare – Heather Collins;

Ticking the boxes – Aiden Baker; Out of Production – Heather Buswell;

The Linhay – Mark Howarth-Booth; Barn Owl ‘airs above’ – Phil Hawtin;

Owl Light – Patricia Hunter; Halcyon Day – Barry Gardner; Harvest – Joan Condon

The Barn Owl – Emma Pun; Hissing Owl – Ghyslaine Clarke; The Dandelion – Carolyn Holt

and Spider! – Maria Precedo


Wildlife Words poetry Vol 4 – Spring 2016

The winner of our 3rd  Poetry Competition, Hilary Jupp, kindly agreed to act as judge this time.
61 poets entered the competition. 19 conservation and wildlife poems are included in this collection.

1st Prize: “Red kite over Gorhambury” by Mary Woodward

 2nd Prize: “Hob white” by Peter Branson

3rd Prize: “Watching the slow wing beat” by Jason Gillingham

Highly Commended entries

All creatures great and small by Ruth Westall; Natural Beauty by Marjorie Brown;

Woodlark Cuscus by Virginia Griem; Following the plough by Virginia Griem;

Frog, Waving by Juliet Wilson and Seed by Christine Woolf

Also included in Volume 4:

Dew Drops – Eleni Cay; Barn Owl – Diana Payne; Nature – Lisa Bignell;

Bridging the divide – Natalie Boyd Williams; Treecreeper – Mark Totterdell;

The soil inside – Rebecca Johnstone; At Strumpshaw Fen – Julie Stamp;

Gold Finches – Clare Crossman; Sweet Sorrow- Kathleen Kummer;

Friendship -Sandra Brackstone.


Wildlife Words poetry Vol 5 – Autumn 2017

Poetry Anthology showcasing the best poems from our Competition held during the year on the subject of “Wildlife and Conservation”.

The winner is poet Philip Burton – a member of the Poetry Society.

Grateful thanks to everyone involved, especially our Judge Mary Woodward, we really appreciate all your hard work.

1st Prize – Raven in the Margin by Philip Burton

2nd PrizeThe Owl by Desley White

3rd PrizeShe Cracks the River’s Belly  by Virginia Griem

Highly Commended entries

Rooks by Anthony Watts                            Sky Dancer by Peter Branson

Sighting by Eleanor Vale                            Poem of the Swallow by Virginia Griem

Remake me as a Harrier by Tim Ellis       Titchwell Marsh – Haibun by Phil Hawtin

Also included in Volume 5:

Wrap it up – Gill Matthews                        Clearings – Danielle Hope

Magpies – Lorna Grinter                            The wild Fox – Presley Turberville

Holding up the Sky – Dawn Lawrence      Diamonds and Dustbins – Nicola Wood

Nocturne – Martin Ward                             What Next? – Heather Buswell

Claws (a True Story) – Anne Harding


Wildlife Words poetry Vol 6 – Autumn 2019

Volume 6 is a Poetry Anthology showcasing the best poems from our Competition held in the Autumn of 2019, the subject of which was “Protecting Life on Earth”

The winner of our 5th  Poetry Competition, Philip Burton, kindly agreed to act as judge this time – we really appreciate all your hard work reading the 95 entries!

1st prize – Landlords and Lodgers – Sarah Leavesley

2nd prize – The Things I won’t tell my Granddaughter – Virginia Griem

3rd prize – Bird Ringing – Jack Warren

Highly commended:

Nigel answers a siren song – Emma Purshouse
It is beautiful, it is, really – Noel King
The Accidental Places – Martin Reed
Elephants, Bees, Whales and Trees – Paulie Paul
Mother – Bear – Amy Louise Wyatt
One Day on Dartmoor – Peter Donnelly

Additional poems featuring in Wildlife Words Volume 6:

The New Forest – Phil Santus                                Re cycles – Nicky Hetherington
At the Zoo – Anthony Watts                                   Street Pigeon – Anne Harding
20/20 vision – Andy Eycott                                   Rewilding – Eleanor Vale
Owl Howl – Lizzie Smith                                        River – Isobell Thrilling
Who killed Hen Harrier – Maureen Fenton       Buddleia in Summer – Eve Jackson
The Seagull whisperers – Pamela Jackson

Wildlife Words Anthology

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