Owl videos

Fantastic Barn Owl Videos from the Barn Owl Trust!
Find out all about Barn Owls by watching these 6 beautiful short (3 or 4 minute) films – all shot here at the Barn Owl Trust in Devon.

An Introduction to the Barn Owl
– What makes Barn Owls so special?
10 amazing Barn Owl facts!

Where do Barn Owls live?
– Find out where to find Barn Owls in the UK.
Where do Barn Owls Hunt?

Providing a home for Barn Owls
– How to encourage wild Barn Owls.
Where did Barn Owls live before barns?

What is a Barn Owl pellet?
– How to find and dissect a Barn Owl pellet.
What are owl pellets?

Where do Barn Owls feed?
– What sort of land do Barn Owls need to hunt? Find out.
Barn Owl food chain.

Barn Owl Field Signs
 – Are there Barn Owls in your barn?
A 3 minute video explaining what Barn Owl field signs to look for.

Thanks to Hill Tribe Productions and Ambios, whose generous support enabled these films to be made.

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  • Live Barn Owl webcams – watch wild Barn Owls now!