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British wildlife puzzle


Can you spot the difference?

British Wildlife Spot The Difference Owl Puzzle

Spot-the-difference British wildlife puzzle

Barney Owlet CartoonThe wildlife drawing on the right is a mirror image of the drawing on the left — or is it? Barny Owlet isn’t sure. See if you can spot 10 differences between the two pictures and then have fun colouring them both in!

How many different species of British wildlife—animals and plants—can you name?

See if you can find these:

Animals: Red Squirrel, Badgers, Fox, Rabbit, Barn Owl, Blue Tit, Tawny Owl, Banded Snail.
Plants: Oak Tree, Ivy, Cuckoo Pint, Primrose, Common Ink Cap.

Spot-the-difference British wildlife puzzle - Click here for the answers:

Did you spot these 10 changes on the right hand side?

  • No barn owl (Isn’t it sad?!).
  • Squirrel’s tail is missing.
  • Blue tit has a beetle.
  • Tawny owl’s eyes are open.
  • Badger is missing.
  • Extra stripes on the snail.
  • Rabbit’s eyes are closed.
  • 1 toadstool is missing.
  • Fox is missing.
  • 1 primrose is missing.

 Name the Wildlife - How many did you find?

Could you name all the UK animals and plants in the picture?

British Wildlife Puzzle Answers

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