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Barn Owl wordsearch – Scientific words


Here are 17 rather long words that conservationists
and scientists might use when talking about Barn Owls.Owl Wordsearch Science Words Puzzle

Can you find them all hidden in this Owl wordsearch grid? They might be written forwards or backwards, vertically up or down, or even diagonally!

How many of these words can you explain?

Clever Barney Owlet has found out all the meanings in his Barn Owl book!

ASYNCHRONOUS – eggs that hatch one after the other

BIRD OF PREY – a bird that hunts other animals to eat

BROOD – a group of brother and sister owlets

CAMOUFLAGE – colouring to hide from prey and predators

CLUTCH – a group of eggs laid by one bird

CREPUSCULAR – active at dawn and dusk

DIURNAL – active in the day

EYESIGHT – Barn Owls have specialised large eyes, so they can hunt in low light

FLEDGLING – a young owlet who is learning to fly

HEARING – Barn Owls’ sensitive ears help them hunt in the dark

HIDDEN – Barn Owls like to hide out of sight in the day time

NESTLING – a baby owlet too small to leave the nest

NOCTURNAL – active at night

OWLET – a baby owl

RINGED – an owl with a special ring put on its leg by trained Barn Owl Trust  Conservation Officers, which helps with vital research (and doesn’t hurt the owl)

TYTO – Barn Owls’ scientific Latin name is Tyto alba – which means “white owl”.

WINGS – Barn Owls have large wings which help them to fly very slowly or hover while they hunt.

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