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Barn Owl mask to make


Click for Barn Owl mask to print

How to make a Barn Owl Mask:

Things you will need: Thin card, glue, blu tack, paints or crayons, scissors, a pair of old sunglasses.

1. Print off  the Barn Owl Mask and glue onto card (the back of a recycled cereal box is ideal).

2. Colour with pens or crayons – short strokes spreading outwards from the eyes will look like feathers.

3. Cut round the outside edge of the mask.

4. Cut out the eye holes (To cut holes safely: put an eraser/pencil rubber underneath; poke a hole in the card with a pencil – so the point goes into the eraser/rubber – not you! Insert the point of the scissors, cut carefully round).

5. Here’s the clever bit: Glue or blu tack the Owl face onto an old pair of sunglasses (available cheaply in most charity shops) – these will make your mask easy to wear – and look like big owl eyes!

That’s it – your Barn Owl mask is ready to wear!