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Barn Owl finger puppet

Barn Owl Finger Puppet

How to make a Barn Owl finger puppet

This is a simple and easy-to-make finger puppet, all you need is paper or thin card, colouring pens, a pair of scissors and some glue or sticky tape.

1. Print out the image above (or print this page) or draw your own by copying the template.

2. Colour in the Barn Owl – use a Barn Owl photo for accurate colours.

3. Cut out around the Barn Owl, making sure you keep the tabs attached.

4. Fit the puppet by holding the Barn Owl in front of your finger and wrapping the tabs around the back of your finger, then glue or tape to fit.

5. Your Barn Owl is now ready!

Why not make a whole family!

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* Printable puzzle pages available free for personal and educational use only.

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