Nestcam Diary 2018

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December 2018

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot Xmasedit December 2018

18th – as another year draws to a close we’d like to wish all our viewers and supporters a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

14th – still 2 Barn Owls around in recent days – always good to see.

3rd – two Barn Owls were in the nestbox today.

As far as we understand it, those using any browser other than Internet Explorer will no longer be able to view the cams. This is because we’re using Flash Player to stream the cameras. However, web streaming seems to be moving away from Flash for various reasons. In order to continue to see the cams viewers will have to use Internet Explorer for the time being. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.
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November 2018

28th – it would appear that those running Windows 10 may be experiencing difficulties viewing the cameras. We’ve done updates on the farm computer to no avail and we’re now unsure how to proceed. Please bear with us and we’ll do what we can as soon as we can.

27th – apologies for the downtime. The cameras should by rights be streaming okay as the farm computer is showing no problems but we’re at a loss to explain why no one can see them. We’re doing our best to reinstate them and hopefully this won’t take long.

16th – a pair has been in and around the barn today, trying with some success to roost out of sight on the side and back beams, and viewable occasionally via Barncam.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 7th November 2018

7th – after a period of downtime caused initially by technical difficulties and then compounded by staff annual leave, the cameras were finally reinstated yesterday. Following some particularly wet and windy weather overnight it was good to see a single bird at roost in the nestbox this morning.

October 2018

10th – only one bird appears to be present this morning, currently roosting in the nestbox viewable via Nestcam, although 2 birds have been present on and off most days in past weeks.

4th – still two birds in the barn first thing this morning, although only one chose to roost there during the day.

September 2018

11th – still two birds at roost in the barn today.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 5th September 2018

6th – still two birds either in or on the nestbox today. Not sure if it’s the original pair, a new pair or the fledglings but there was some allopreening this morning.

4th – after some technical issues during the first few days of the month when both cameras were down, these were reinstated today in time to see two birds roosting in the nestbox via Nestcam.

August 2018

21st – by its behaviour what is assumed to be a young bird is still in and around the nestbox today.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 10th August 201810th – it would appear that the two juvenile birds are still spending time in the barn during the day, often visible via either Nestcam or Barncam (or occasionally both!).

July 2018

25th – there have been 3 owls in the barn in recent days, which appears to be 2 mobile, but still-dependent young from a successful nesting attempt in the nearby barn conversion. The landowner reported this nesting attempt to us late last week, only finding out themselves the day before when the 2 youngsters tried to fly into the barn conversion via an open window! Previously, no other sounds or activity had been noticed.

5th – the pair has been in the nestbox nearly all day today.

June 2018

28th – the pair was in the nestbox first thing this morning.

21st – the presumed male has been at roost initially in the nestbox and more latterly in the barn up to at least late afternoon today.

19th – hopes were raised at the end of last week when copulation was noted on Nestcam. Sadly neither bird is at roost in the barn today however.

14th – for the first time in what seems to be an age there is a pair roosting together in the barn during daylight hours this morning.

11th – there’s been an intriguing development the last couple of nights, as a presumed female has been food begging in the barn and even in the nestbox, with the male present!

5th – it made a nice change for some to see two individuals in the barn early last evening. Nothing to report first thing this morning today, but there was the presumed male at roost in the nestbox from mid-morning until at least early afternoon.

May 2018

Barn Owl Webcam Barncam Screenshot 29th May 201829th – nice to see the male at roost in the nestbox on Nestcam earlier this morning and now viewable via Barncam sitting on the tray.

18th – there is what looks to be a male Barn Owl actually at roost in the nestbox this morning, after first visiting the nestbox and tray yesterday evening.

16th – brief overnight visits to the barn by a single bird have become the norm in recent weeks and last night was no exception.

2nd – after a wet and windy night, little to report from the barn.

April 2018

30th – as the month ended activity increased with two birds for a time in the barn, with one in the nestbox scraping the floor!

26th – little change in the frequency or duration of visits from the lone Barn Owl since mid-month.

18th – there’s been an increase in activity in the barn in recent days but again only by a lone Barn Owl.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 13th April 201810th – sadly very little to report in recent days, with just the odd fleeting visit by a lone Barn Owl.

5th – no Barn Owl action overnight but the nestbox saw interest from what is hoped was just a passing Jackdaw.

3rd – the female has been in and around the barn over the Easter weekend.

March 2018

30th – reports of two birds in the barn tonight were very welcome after the second significant dump of snow this month.

9th – despite some overnight comings and goings, there’s been little roost activity in the nestbox during the day. The extreme weather experienced last week appears to have slowed the pair down, though with the forecast improving from tomorrow onwards, who knows for how long?

February 2018

26th – there have been reports of mating over the weekend, which we presume to be pair-bonding behaviour rather than the real thing. Sounds like the male needs a bit of practice too, as not all the attempts were considered successful. Just as a heads up, expect some disruption to the streaming. We have some pretty grotty weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, with gale force winds towards the end of the week in particular.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 15th February 2018

15th – the pair is in the nestbox this morning.

13th – an interesting development over the weekend involved the arrival of a new female. There was apparently some interaction with the resident male but nothing too significant. Let’s hope they pair up and decide the barn is the place to be.

8th – Barncam dropped out overnight after problems with the stream freezing. It has been restarted this morning with no apparent, long-term, ill effects.

More worryingly, there doesn’t appear to have been a confirmed sighting of the female since the 26th January. We can only hope she’s roosting nearby and will join the male, who is this morning preening in the nestbox, when the time is right.

January 2018

30th – various reports have been received over the weekend that one or both birds are back frequenting either the barn or nestbox, which is obviously great news after their recent absence if accurate.

24th – nothing in the box or barn the last couple of days (and nights).

17th – once again the pair is at roost in the nestbox this morning.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 11th January 2018

11th – the pair is again in the box this morning.

8th – a pair of birds has been in and around the nestbox since the New Year, and today was no exception.

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