Nestcam Diary 2018

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April 2018

18th – there’s been an increase in activity in the barn in recent days but again only by a lone Barn Owl.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 13th April 201810th – sadly very little to report in recent days, with just the odd fleeting visit by a lone Barn Owl.

5th – no Barn Owl action overnight but the nestbox saw interest from what is hoped was just a passing Jackdaw.

3rd – the female has been in and around the barn over the Easter weekend.

March 2018

30th – reports of two birds in the barn tonight were very welcome after the second significant dump of snow this month.

9th – despite some overnight comings and goings, there’s been little roost activity in the nestbox during the day. The extreme weather experienced last week appears to have slowed the pair down, though with the forecast improving from tomorrow onwards, who knows for how long?

February 2018

26th – there have been reports of mating over the weekend, which we presume to be pair-bonding behaviour rather than the real thing. Sounds like the male needs a bit of practice too, as not all the attempts were considered successful. Just as a heads up, expect some disruption to the streaming. We have some pretty grotty weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, with gale force winds towards the end of the week in particular.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 15th February 2018

15th – the pair is in the nestbox this morning.

13th – an interesting development over the weekend involved the arrival of a new female. There was apparently some interaction with the resident male but nothing too significant. Let’s hope they pair up and decide the barn is the place to be.

8th – Barncam dropped out overnight after problems with the stream freezing. It has been restarted this morning with no apparent, long-term, ill effects.

More worryingly, there doesn’t appear to have been a confirmed sighting of the female since the 26th January. We can only hope she’s roosting nearby and will join the male, who is this morning preening in the nestbox, when the time is right.

January 2018

30th – various reports have been received over the weekend that one or both birds are back frequenting either the barn or nestbox, which is obviously great news after their recent absence if accurate.

24th – nothing in the box or barn the last couple of days (and nights).

17th – once again the pair is at roost in the nestbox this morning.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 11th January 2018

11th – the pair is again in the box this morning.

8th – a pair of birds has been in and around the nestbox since the New Year, and today was no exception.

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