October News Bytes 2021

These newsbytes have appeared on our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the month and have been pulled together here.

Barn Owl Calendar 2022

Barn Owl Calendar

Our beautiful Barn Owl Trust Calendar for 2022 is available to buy now from our shop!




Barn Owl Trust nestboxes are built to last!Barn Owl polebox

This polebox is 13 years old and still going strong! Can you spot the latest resident peeking out to keep an eye on our photographer? Click here to see the nestboxes we have available in our shop. Alternatively, if you have basic woodworking skills, you can follow this link to see our cutting plans (available free), and make your own!



Natural History Museum Article


UK Biodiversity…

The Natural History Museum’s latest research ranks the UK among the most biodiversity-depleted nations in the world, lagging behind 90% of other countries (see here for the full article). It’s time for UK citizens to reconnect with nature and make it a priority!



It’s fantastic to visit schools again!

School group

Mateo and Baley went to Denbury Primary School to give a talk to Years 1 and 2  If you look closely you can see Baley teaching the children about Barn Owls! If you visit our Facebook page, you can watch the video of Baley flying in the classroom! Thank you to Natalie Stone and Denbury Primary School for having us!

If you’re interested in the Barn Owl Trust visiting a school near you, take a look at our website here. We also offer all our talks online via Zoom.



Molasses covered Barn Owl!OwlOwl in molasses

Have you ever seen a Barn Owl covered in molasses? We hadn’t! This poor bird was found stuck in tub of sheep feed, but was luckily taken to Seymour Vets in Totnes who did an absolutely fantastic job of looking after him. He was then taken to a local rehabilitator for care until he is ready for release.
Photo credit: Beth Lewis

Barn Owls coexist with us, but need help avoiding hazards we create. Find out what to do if you find an injured owl.
Here is a lovely article from BBC Spotlight about the owl.

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