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12 BAROW Rehab Hand [Lexie New] 250716 (B) Cropped

12 Days of Barn Owl Trust Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas the Barn Owl Trust gave to me… 12 Rescued Barn Owls   11 Peacock butterflies   10 Tawny Owls             9 Belted Galloways             8 Christmas wreaths 7 BOT events 6 BOESS days 5 Grey Wagtail Chicks 4 Office […]

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Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 20th April 2016

Barn Owls Breeding 2016 Nestcam

Barn Owls are breeding in our nestcam nestbox. You can follow the fortunes of our wild Cornish Barn Owls by visiting our live nestcam or reading our nestcam diary. The pair first got together at the end of February and the first egg was laid on April 12th with number 6 appearing on the 25th. […]

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Screen Shot 1st Egg

Cornish Barn Owls lay first egg

Our Cornish Barn Owls have laid their first egg of the year. On the 12th April 2016, around 6.30pm, the female Barn Owl laid her first egg.  The video below was taken during the following day from our Nestcam, showing the female changing incubating position. Keep up to date with all the action via our […]

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Kiln Close Hedge Laying LLP Wildlife Diary February 2016

Wildlife Diary 2016

December 2016 A Green Woodpecker was heard yaffling on the 2nd. Our grazier brought in 5 Belted Galloway cows with their month-old calves on the 6th for a spot of late winter grazing. The breed is quieter, more docile and lighter than normal and we expect to have them for no more than a couple […]

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Main Aviary Demolition Vol 5 [Jo Plant] 020615 (B)

New Aviary Completed!

After extremely long-standing service, 22 years in fact, it was time for our Main Aviary to be replaced. Enter our hand-picked Demolition Team; Aram, Phil, Kim, Tony, Mark, David and Jasmin. The resident owls were temporarily relocated to other aviaries whilst rebuilding, by Jasmin and Mark, took place. Congratulations everyone. It looks fantastic!

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Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 29th June

Barn Owl Nestcam update 2015

The early promises of a large Barn Owl brood in our nestcam box have sadly not been realised. From the 7 eggs that were laid, 6 hatched and seemed to be doing well. However, on the morning of 22nd June 2015 we logged on to find just 2 owlets remaining and unfortunately, the smallest of […]

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Nestcam 050515

BOT webcam update

Update: On 18th May  she had 7 eggs! We have eggs! We  have two live Barn Owl webcams on a farm in Cornwall (UK). Wild Barn Owls are currently nesting there in a specially designed Barn Owl Trust nestbox . Nestcam is a close up view inside the nestbox and Barncam is a view of the same nestbox inside the barn. So […]

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