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A new name for Seymour

Earlier this month we asked you all to suggest a new name for Seymour the Barn Owl, as ‘he’ turned out to be female. As Seymour came to us as an owlet, we had to wait until it had matured a little to be sure of the sex. About 90% of Barn Owls can be […]

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Giveacar Thank You Cartoon

Giveacar to the Barn Owl Trust

The Barn Owl Trust teamed up with Giveacar in 2011, the UK’s largest car donation service. Since then over £1,000 has been raised to support our work. Giveacar arranges the free collection of any car, regardless of its condition, anywhere in the UK. Cars are either scrapped, and a donation to the Trust made based […]

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Rodenticides On Sale

SGARs (Rat Poison) and Barn Owls

June 2013 SGARs (Rat Poison) and Barn Owls – Let’s get the information right The Barn Owl Trust campaigns for better information about the effect of Rodenticides on wildlife. At least 76% of farms in the UK use Second Generation Anti-coagulant Rodenticides (SGARs). The Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme shows that a shocking 91% of Barn […]

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Barn Owl Conservation Handbook

Uncovered: The killing of Britain’s Barn Owls

The first-ever Barn Owl Conservation Handbook, exposes the issues facing Britain’s Barn Owls and is a highly critical wake-up call for the Highways Agency, the rodenticide manufacturers and the Health and Safety Executives of Chemicals Regulation Directorate. Barn Owls are Britain’s most popular farmland bird but they have declined by at least 70% and there […]

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