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Baley’s New Home

At the beginning of February 2016, we demolished ‘Baley’s’ aviary along with another one that was going to be replaced later in the year. Jaz worked closely with Mark – a placement student to create the block work base, paint it and build the wooden frame. Wire mesh was re-used to make the sides and the […]

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BAROW Watermarked

Rescue of Willow the Barn Owl

On the 25th July 2016 we received a phone call from a member of the public who had found a Barn Owl in the road near Winkleigh. He kindly offered to take it to a vets to get it checked over. A while later, having found no signs of injury, he brought the Owl to […]

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TAWOW A38 Ashburton 210716

Tawny Owl Rescue

On Thurday 21st July, responding to a call from a member of the public, we collected an injured Tawny Owl from the central reservation of the A38 near Ashburton, Devon. The bird was somewhat subdued and, due to its location, we suspect it had collided with a vehicle. Sadly this is not uncommon. Major roads are a significant […]

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Grey Wagtail LLP Nest Kingfisher Wall Ponds 2 17062016 [David Ramsden] (B)

A second Grey Wagtail nest!

It’s been very busy in the Lennon Legacy Project over the last couple of months with lots of wildlife, we’ve been seeing roe deer, one even had a fawn.  Our dippers have fledged and we have seen our first Marbled White butterflies.  We have another Grey Wagtail nest in the LLP – the second one […]

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Grey Wagtail Brood LLP Implement Shed Cropped [David Ramsden] 240416 (B) (1)

Grey Wagtail Nest – another first for the LLP

The eggs in our first-ever Grey Wagtail nest have now hatched and we have a brood of 5 healthy-looking young in the implement shelter. By chance, the female was off the nest, allowing us to get in close and capture this image. We discovered the nest with an adult incubating eggs in the implement shelter in Forde Orchard, part of the Trusts Lennon Legacy […]

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Rat Poison Rodenticide Neosorexa On Farm

Our Rodenticide Campaign goes European

As you’ve probably heard by now, most owls (including 95% of Barn Owls), raptors, and even hedgehogs contain rat poison. Under EU regulations, member states are permitted to authorise the sale and use of rodenticides (rat poisons) for five years at a time. As part of the current review, the EU’s European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) […]

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BAROW Jenny Dark [Jo Plant] 210116 (B)

Surviving against the odds

When we received our most recent Barn Owl for rehabilitation last Wednesday (6th January) we were convinced that the bird wouldn’t make it through the night due to the terrible state she was in. At just 215g, she was below starvation weight for a female Barn Owl. The odds didn’t look good! To avoid stressing […]

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Give As You Live

Raise Funds as you shop online

If you shop online you can raise donations for the Barn Owl Trust without it costing you a penny by signing up with ‘Give as you Live’ To date (November 2015) 149 folk have signed up to support our work and raised an amazing £2,256.74  by using ‘Give as you Live’  to shop at over […]

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Little Owl

Freedom for wild Little Owls

The two Little Owls received at the end of July from Vale Wildlife Hospital near Tewkesbury were released last night in our orchard. After being fitted with BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) rings on the 18th August the Owls were placed in one of our mobile aviaries in the orchard to acclimatise them to their […]

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