Barn Owl Nestcam update 2015

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 29th JuneThe early promises of a large Barn Owl brood in our nestcam box have sadly not been realised. From the 7 eggs that were laid, 6 hatched and seemed to be doing well. However, on the morning of 22nd June 2015 we logged on to find just 2 owlets remaining and unfortunately, the smallest of those has now also died.

It is unusual for so many owlets to die in such a short space of time so we are unsure what has happened. Lack of food availability is the usual contributing factor, either from lack of prey available or lack of experience of the adults.

The last owlet is doing well. It has been seen feeding and is very active in the nestbox. The female is now spending more time roosting outside the box as well. Keep up to date with everything that happens on our nestcam diary 2016.



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