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Memory TreeThe latest issue of Feedback (FB46) has just reached our supporters and this issue has our long awaited “Memory Tree” featured on the front cover. The tree is made of 18mm FSC softwood ply and the leaves (100mm x 40mm) are made of 6mm birch ply. It was designed and made here by Jasmin – one of our handy ‘men’. Each leaf is unique and carries the name of someone who remembered the Barn Owl Trust in their will, or whose family or friends made a donation in their memory.

When we looked back through our records we were amazed to find that there were almost one hundred and fifty leaves to make. Nearly one hundred people have had donations made for them and forty-six kind folk remembered the Trust in their wills and made legacies.

It is these legacies that have enabled the Trust to grow and to undertake projects like the purchase of the Lennon Legacy Project field, the creation of our two ponds and now the new Meeting Room. Since 2003 they have also made the difference between the Trust ending the year with a positive balance sheet or a deficit.

The Memory Tree is our way of remembering these people and saying thank you for their thoughtfulness. It also looks lovely and has been much admired by our visitors.