June News Bytes 2022

These newsbytes have appeared on our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the month and have been pulled together here.

Western Power Distribution Apprentice Group!


Monday 6th June

A group of apprentices and managers from Western Power Distribution (WPD) arrived on site this morning! Here they are receiving a brief from their manager and our Head of Conservation about the plan for the next four days. They are carrying out some major repair work for us!







The WPD apprentice group have done a great job today demolishing our boardwalks which were rotting through! Here you can see one of our bridges half-way through demolition! By the end of the week, they will all be replaced and safe.




Tuesday 7th June



The WPD apprentice team cut all the lengths for the replacement boardwalks this morning and are busy replacing the old ones now! It’s amazing to see the progress the team are making! We could not have done this work without them.





The volunteer team made significant progress on our boardwalks and bridges today! Here is one of the teams replacing our bridge boardwalk. They will be in place ready for our next guided reserve walks! If you are interested in joining us for a walk, check out our Events Diary.







Wednesday 8th June

Our fantastic long-term volunteer Harry is removing the old fence around our solar panels today! Our volunteer team will be replacing these for us tomorrow. Thank you Harry!






Thursday 9th JunePicture19

Take a walk along our new boardwalks and bridges (video on our Facebook page here)! Thank you so much to the Western Power Distribution apprentice team who were here this week replacing them all for us!





Royal Cornwall Show


7th JunePicture20

It’s all happening here today! Our show trailer is now on the way down to Wadebridge to be set up ready for the Royal Cornwall Show later this week. We hope to see you there!







Thursday 9th JunePicture21

We are at the Royal Cornwall Show! Come and tell us about your Barn Owl sightings!





Friday 10th June

Here is our lovely team at the Royal Cornwall Show today! Assistant Conservation Officer Pip, Conservation and Science Officer Mateo, and Admin Assistant Jess (left to right). Pop in and say hi!






Saturday 11th June

Our team are at the Royal Cornwall Show again! Today the team consists of Senior Conservation Officer Matt, Assistant Conservation Officer Pip and long-term volunteer (soon to be intern) Harry. We hope to see you there!






Rehab update

Foxy and Ash are doing really well out in the static release aviary! In the UK, the Tawny Owl is an amber listed species with only an estimated 50 thousand pairs! So, these youngsters will be a welcome addition to the wild population in August.

Barn Owl Trust BOT Tawny Owls facts page





Barn Owls in Cornwall

This beautiful video (view on Facebook here) of a Cornish Barn Owl pair was sent to us by Peter Hobbs. Peter has a camera set up so that he can watch the owls without disturbing them. Did you know that the Barn Owl is a Schedule 1 species? This means they are legally protected from disturbance while nesting.
Find out more on our Legal protection for nesting Barn Owls page.




Midsummer’s evening walkPicture26 Picture27

Join us for a Midsummer’s Evening Walk around our beautiful nature reserve near Ashburton next Tuesday! You’ll be guided by Barn Owl Trust staff, through open grassland and woodland alongside the River Ashburn. You can find out more here.
If you are interested in joining one of our other events, take a look at our Events Diary.



Barn Owl Trust school talksPicture28

A magical experience for children in the Southwest! In-person visits are offered in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, and are also available online.
Barn Owl talks for schools and young people.







Butterfly walksPicture29

We are hosting Butterfly Walks on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July! Join us for a walk around our 26 acre nature reserve to see some beautiful butterflies alongside our wild flowers!
Find out more on our Events Page. We hope to see you there




BOESS course

We have been receiving some truly wonderful feedback on our online
Barn Owl Ecology, Surveys and Signs course 







Devon County Show

Devon county show

If you’re going to the Devon County Show, don’t forget to pop in to see us! Our team today (Thursday) is Conservation and Science Officer Mateo, Assistant Conservation Officer Pip and our absolutely lovely volunteer Di. 😊







Dcs bronze award 6m stand 300622
We won an award at the Devon County Show today!
Bronze award in the 6m trade-stand category, of which there were 200 stands! 🤩
We will be there tomorrow and Saturday too, and look forward to seeing you 😊

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