How to Kill Barn Owls

There Is HopeAs most of our supporters know, Barn Owls used to be common in our countryside and now they are a rare and precious sight. A few years ago, at the Royal Cornwall Show, one of our staff  was overheard talking to a landowner saying, “If we had wanted to kill Barn Owls we couldn’t have done a better job”. He then went on to list all the things we humans have done in the pursuit of ‘progress’ that have affected this iconic species.

When filmmaker Robbie Hill produced our set of ten ‘How to’ films two years ago, he promised to make us another one free of charge. What we wanted was something simple that could show all the hazards Barn Owls face, why they have declined and reach beyond the people that already care.

Lockdown provided Robbie the time to pull all our ideas together and the result is this short, hard hitting, fact-filled, quirky film that we hope will make people think……..

Obviously, we don’t want to ‘Kill Barn Owls’, but we do want to raise awareness of the threats they face every single day and to grab the attention of the wider public.

See what you think. Watch – How to Kill Barn Owls by HillTribe Media.

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