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January 2014Campaigns Barn Owl Trust Rodenticide Deaths

The Barn Owl Trust launches its first e-petition.

Did you know that most Barn Owls in the UK (95%) contain highly toxic rat poison?

Although not all die as a direct result, there is little doubt that sub-lethal doses have contributed to the catastrophic decline in Barn Owl numbers. Rodenticides can be used without any training and product labelling is inadequate and misleading.

Sign our petition here

The Barn Owl Trust has launced a petition calling upon Government Minister Mike Penning, and the Health and Safety Executive to:

• Regulate SGARs (Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides) for Last Resort use only

• Ban preventative and permanent baiting

• Include accurate information on all SGAR products as recommended by the Barn Owl Trust

You can lend your support to this campaign by signing the petition and then forward it to your friends.

See our page How to control rats as safely as possible  for more information .

Thank you for your help.