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Rat poison product list

All poisons should only be used as a last resort where non-toxic and less-toxic methods have been tried and a significant rodent problem still endangers humans. About safer rodent control.

Below is a buyer’s guide to product names and active ingredients, divided into 1st and 2nd generation (SGARs).

First-generation Poisons – to be used in areas where rats demonstrate little resistance to these chemicals. Bait covering is generally ineffective. High risk of secondary poisoning. However, far less toxic, and metabolises out of the body faster, than SGARs.

Chemical name Product names Manufacturer
Warfarin Killgerm Sewercide, Sakarat, Sewarin Killgerm Chemicals Ltd
Sorex Warfarin Sorex Ltd
Warfarin Battle Hayward & Bower Ltd
Coumatetralyl Bio Racumin PBI Home &Garden Ltd
Racumin Bayer Environmental Science
Townex Sachets Town & Country Pest Services Ltd
Chlorophacinone Drat Bayer Environmental Science
Drat Rat Bait Battle, Hayward & Bower Ltd
Endorats American Products
Karate Lever Industrial or Diversey Lever Ltd
Rat Eyre VES  - Pest Control Supplies
Ridento WCF Ltd/ Ace Chemicals Ltd
Rout Samuel McCausland Ltd
Ruby Rat J V Heatherington

Second-generation Poisons – SGARs – especially avoid on farms where Barn Owls are known to be present within 3km.

Chemical name Product names Manufacturer
Brodifacoum Brodifacoum Paste Rentokil Initial UK Ltd
Erasor, Mouse Stop, Mouser, Klerat, Sorex Brodifacoum,  Sorexa Checkatube Sorex Ltd
Jaguar Rodenticide, Solo, Ditrac Bell Laboratories Inc
Talon Rat and  Mouse Bait Killgerm Chemicals Ltd
Vertox Pelgar International Ltd
Bromadiolone Bromard, Bromotrol, Deadline, Mouse Killer, Rentokil Rat Killer, Rodine, Total  Mouse Killer, Deerat Rentokil Initial UK Ltd
Contrac, Ditrac Bell Laboratories Inc
Endorats Irish Drugs Ltd
Luxan Vermigon Luxan (UK) Ltd
Ratta B Downland Marketing Ltd
Rid-eze Industrial Pesticides (N.W)
Rodex Pelgar International Ltd
Romax J.V.Barrett & Co Ltd
Sakarat Bromabait Killgerm Chemicals Ltd
Slaymor Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Tomcat 2 Antec International Ltd
Difenacoum B&Q Mouse/Rat Killer B&Q Plc
Bio Mouse/ Rat Killer PBI Home&Garden Ltd
Complete Mouse Killer, Neosorexa, Neokil, Rat Killer, Rat Stop, Ratak, Sorexa D, Sorexa Gel Sorex Ltd
Deosan Rat & Mouse Killer Johnson Diversey UK Ltd
Deosan Rataway Diversey Lever Ltd
Endem, Ratta D Downland Marketing Ltd
Farco Rapid Kill F A Richard&Company Ltd
Fentrol, Difenard Rentokil Initial UK Ltd
Lynx Servem
Nippon Rat/Mouse Killer Vitax Ltd
Racan Difebait, Raco Mouse Bait Lodi S. A.
Raco BIO6
Roban Pelgar International Ltd
Rataway Deosan Ltd
Rodent-Ex Battle, Hayward & Bower Ltd
Romax J.V.Barret & Co Ltd
Sakarat D Killgerm Chemicals Ltd
Difethialone Rodilon Bayer
Flocoumafen Storm BASF Plc

Other poisons – avoid on farms where Barn Owls are known to be present.

Chemical name Product names Manufacturer
Alphachloralose Alphamouse Killgerm Chemicals Ltd
Alphakil, Alphachloralose concentrate Rentokil Initial UK Ltd
Townex Mouse Poison Town & Country Pest Services Ltd

Other Biocides – negligible secondary poisoning to Barn Owls, however extremely toxic to pets (especially dogs).

Chemical name Product names Manufacturer
Cholecalciferol/ Colecalciferol Selontra BASF Pest Control Solutions UK
d-Con Reckitt Benckiser
Harmonix Rodent Paste Bayer