Our Christmas Visitor – StEve the Tawny Owl

Steve The Tawny OwlFebruary 8th

Good news on the ‘StEve’ front….. On Friday the 6th the tawny owl started eating voluntarily after 44 days of hand feeding. In all the years we’ve been doing this we’ve never had a bird that has needed hand feeding for so long! There is always something new.

January 29th

StEve update!
StEve went for his last vet appointment yesterday. All his pins are now out! He’s still not eating by himself, which is a bit of a worry, but hopefully he will perk up now his metal work has gone!

January 9th

Sidebar 2 Please Help Care For Injured OwlStEve (Eve) arrived back at the Trust from the vets this morning. The leg is healing well and part of the pinning has now been removed! He has also put on plenty of weight so things are looking great for our Christmas visitor!

January 7th 2015

Update: Eve (or StEve as it turns out he is a male!) is still doing well. He’s back to the vets for a check up today. Fingers crossed his leg has healed OK. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!

December 29th

Update: Eve cast her first pellet last night and hooted when the lights went out (brief power cut). She/he(?) is standing now and producing droppings but still having to be hand fed.

December 2014Tawny Owl With Pinned Right Leg (2)

Christmas visitor at the BOT – this Tawny arrived from the vets on the morning of Christmas Eve with a pinned right leg and antibiotics for the infection. So far, so good, let’s hope it makes a miraculous recovery over the festive season.

A big thank you and seasons greetings to all our supporters – we hope you have a good Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.


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